Bry Ce-gil More

We are the suppliers of:

  • WaveTrader II & III efs real time trading software for e-Signal users.
  • WT-ES Assistant efs S&P traders assistant for E-Mini Traders.
  • Bry Ce-gil More’s Trading to WIN course our daytrading course especially for ES futures, yet applicable to most markets.
  • Bry Ce-gil More’s Dynamic Time & Price Analysis Course for position traders in stocks or futures.
  • Seek information about loans using online tools like – in Swedish

If you wish to develop your skills as a professional trader our trading aids and methods are indisputably the best in the business.

With 25 years experience in the leveraged trading business our constant fine tuning process has led to the development of state of the art products.The development of our e-Signal Wave-Trader software has taken 3 years and is perfect now. Ask any of the professional traders we have trained and they will tell you so.

Don’t spend years wasting your time and money, come straight to the source of knowledge that will guide you in the right direction. Learn to execute trades each day that have an exceptionally high probability of working and become a professional. The majority of losers in this business are losers because they keep moving from one thing to another, one seminar to another, one book to another, one “guru” to another, one newsletter writer to another, one broker to another and they never learn how to put it all together. Trading is a business not unlike Texas Hold ’em poker if you want to win. First you learn the odds then you play the cards.

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